Frequently asked questions

I've never worked in recruitment before, can I apply?

Yes, our pathway program is designed to take people that have never worked in recruitment or have limited knowledge of HR and recruiting and develop them into career ready professionals equiping them with all they need to know to be successful in the recruitment sector. Our program participants are hand selected and must fit with our intake criteria, we want you to be able to be placed in a recruitement role after the training so ensuring a good fit from the start is important. If we don't think this sector is for you we will be honest too. Register your interest now to see if you qualify.

Who pays for the training?

In our model the candidate pays for the training - this is their commitment. The agency pays the candidate while they are working in the 4 week placement so they should more then recover the training cost. A final placement fee paid by the agency only occurs once an offer is made and accepted.

How is the training delivered?

The training is face to face where-ever possible. We conduct our training in various locations across Australia and our trainers are qualified recruiters, marketers and industry leaders. We provide the candidate/student with comprehensive notes and a group vitual meeting room where they can access the trainers and other participants for discussion or questions. If you are in a remote or regional location and can't get to a workshop we can include you via our virtual classroom software. Let us know if you need to access our training this way.

I just hired someone, can you train my new recruiter?

Yes, we can conduct training tailored to your sector/business or industry on your premises with staff you have already employed. You can also include your new recruit in our next up-coming workshop. Fees and charges will differ. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Where is the training held?

We are Melbourne based but we conduct training nationally. We have several intakes of participants throughout the year and keep the class sizes small. You will receive personalised training and mentorship with the view to working in the recruitment industry soon after completing the course. We can connect remote locations via our virtual classroom technology which is in real time (not video based).

Do you have a pool of trained recruiters we could look to employ?

In most cases yes. We have a list of fully trained participants who are career ready and can be an asset to your business immediately. Check our website page soon for a directory and bio of graduated participants looking for placement.

I have a manager that needs to be updated with recruitment practices, can you help?

Yes, we can provide consultation, mentorship or your staff member can participate in the training paid for by your company. Varied pricing model will apply.