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The pathway to a career in recruitment.

A unique, Australian first program that creates career ready professionals for recruitment agencies.

Start your career in recruitment

Solve your recruiter shortage



Who are we?


Recruiters, trainers, business leaders, marketers....we amalgamated a wide range of skills to to put together this unique Australian first pathway.  Over 22 years of recruitment industry experience, knowledge and success has gone into the creation of our model.  Our in depth knowledge of working in and running many successful recruitment businesses has provided an intimate understanding of the challenges owners and leaders face and how difficult it is to to find, train and secure the best talent.  We know what recruiters need to be successful.


Why do we do it?


Did you know the recruitment industry is worth $11 billion in Australia alone? 

Do you know that the sector employs over 93,000 people and at least 20% of all companies in Australia use recruitment agencies to source talent on a regular basis?   The recruitment agency sector is a very valuable part of the Australian jobs ecosystem....and yet there are not enough people to support this sector.  


We decided to create a model program that will help solve this issue for good!


How do we do it?


Career Lasso is a first of it's kind pathway that solves that recruiter shortage.  Yes, it involves training but it is so much more.  Simple and yet practical, recruiter shortage or lack of sector knowledge will be a thing of the past. 

Contact us for an obligation free chat or meeting to find out how.....we can't let all our secrets out at once!